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Pasta Santoni

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Santoni Method

Artisanal processing

Santoni Method

In the production of Pasta Santoni, each passage has its own manual component. The machines have also been customised to enhance the organoleptic qualities of the selected raw material.

Our special process of dough and drawing gives a perfect roughness to the dough that allows it to mix well with the sauces. The dough is kneaded manually as once.

The length is the same as the typical pasta that was made at home once, when the noodle was always consumed very long. The subsequent passage into the static drying cabinets at very low temperature allows the lattice-gluten mesh to remain unaltered, keeping the starch intact and making Pasta Santoni very digestible.
Finally, the very low drying temperature makes the inside surface of our noodles very porous, facilitating the uniform cooking.