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Pasta Santoni

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Farming Chain

Semolinda and Eggs 100% from Marche region


Pasta Santoni is the extraordinary synthesis between sustainable agricultural practice, experience and pasta’s expertise.


The durum wheat processed in our pasta is 100% from Marche region, cultivated, grown and finally harvested by a group of small local farms of Monte San Pietrangeli town, farms who collaborate with our Company , coordinated by an expert agronomist.

The choice of wheat varieties Levante-Maestà-Nazareno and the cultivation techniques always take care and respect the principles of Good Agricultural Practices.

The Semolina obtained is unique for organoleptic qualities, very rich in proteins, has an important component of fibres and mineral salts that give the colour and flavour of the dough of the ancient times.

The eggs processed in Pasta Santoni are produced in the farm “Bracalente” of Fermo town, which breeds hens respecting the hygiene and the welfare of the animals with care and sensibility.

The composition of the feed is natural (no GMO), and is divided into corn, sorghum, wheat and soya, chosen under control of the Company , according to the qualitative properties that we want to convey to the product.


The length and the rustic colour of Pasta Santoni are given by its particular artisan process.

The characteristics at the tasting are: consistency, elasticity, carnosity, perfume and taste of freshly harvested wheat.


The colour, the scent and the flavour of our products will never be similar or equal to any other pasta on the market, thanks to the unique and exclusive raw materials.


Creating a process of supply and subsequent transformation of the product to 0 km, we manage to enhance our territory contributing to the fundamental local livehood and agricultural activities


Supplying us daily, from our farms, we can transform semolina and eggs, always fresh. A true process of organized production, which in the conventional market would never be able to develop

Pasta Santoni

We guarantee a high quality Pasta, produced with unique and exclusive raw materials at 0 Km

Pasta Santoni

NO durum weath semolina from other countries, but only of local productions controlled and guaranteed

Pasta Santoni

NO eggs from intensive farms in which the hen is no longer an animal, but a production machine