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Who we are

A three generations long dream

We have been artisan pastamaker for three generation since our grandmother Maria Santoni built a first workshop 50 years ago.

Our farm is in the heart of the Marche region in Monte San Pietrangeli town.

Our egg pasta is a “ natural “ ingredient with specific physical and organoleptic characteristics of vintage production.

with beneficial properties for health and with multiple possibilities of gastronomic use.

We produce artisan dry egg pasta of “closed agricultural chain” with a completely untouched method.

Our customers are divided into two categories , those who consume it with great confidence and pleasure and those who know it still little.

Our mission is to spread the culture of this natural product and the differences very relevant compared to the standardized industrial pasta.

Over the years the company has always remained focused to the combination of research/tradition/innovation, growing in value, dimention and awareness to create a unique and exclusive Pasta , thanks to a continuous control on raw materials 100% from Marche region.

From this philosophy was born our agricultural chain and the collaboration and friendship and indissoluble bond with two farms in our territory. They collaborate closely with our pasta factory, in order to guarantee the maximum expression of egg pasta in terms of color, flavour, and perfume.

The customer of Pasta Santoni must be aware of the world behind the single box of pasta he buys, the issues that the Company carries on, the grain cultivated according to the principles of GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES, the diet of hens that takes place with NO GMO noble cereals , the Santoni method in transforming raw materials, in order to generate a Pasta that is satisfying to tasting and is unique for organoleptic qualities.

The customer of Pasta Santoni knows that he is not “eating” a simple pasta, but is tasting a product “avant-garde” for quality and digestibility.


The Art of pasta is indissolubly linked to man, to his social nature.


The dream of Maria Santoni

Raw materials

We use only semolina durum weath 100% from Marche region, from our farming chain

How we work

The “Santoni” method is totally handmade. We have set up the production process to enhance at 100% our selected raw materials

What we makes us unique

Our egg pasta is a “natural” and “alive” ingredient with specific physical and organoleptic characteristics of vintage production