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Pasta Santoni

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Pasta Santoni

inside the following words we tried to explain the reasons that always move us in search of the good, the beautiful, and the right.

Pasta Santoni
Pasta Santoni
Pasta Santoni

The Dream, the idea, the method

We have been artisan pastamaker for three generation since our grandmother Maria Santoni built a first workshop 50 years ago.

Our farm is in the heart of the Marche region, in Monte San Pietrangeli town;

Our egg pasta is a “natural “ ingredient with specific physical and organoleptic characteristics of vintage production with beneficial properties for health and with multiple possibilities of gastronomic use.

We produce artisan dry egg pasta of “closed agricultural chain” with a completely untouched method.

Pasta Santoni is the extraordinary synthesis between sustainable agricultural practice, competence and Pasta’s experience.

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